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Thank you John,
I have no intention of moving from FPI - especially for the Wednesday night
flights. I do concede though that the lack of traffic is one reason why it
is so tempting for pilots to move to VATSIM - even if just for the
I played around with the ASRC software again last night and it really is
pretty awful compared to the FPI radar screen. It starts off with a
completely blank screen and you have to load the sector file for the area
you want to control i.e. EGNS. When this loads you only see the data in this
file - basically just the IOM zone - and you cannot look further away than
this. There is no way, as we do in FPI, of talking an aircraft into one
airport and then zooming in somewhere else miles away to vector an aircraft
into another airport. 
I loaded the EGNS sector file last night and the control zone pops up OK -
but no runway centrelines! It took some delving around but the SCT format
became familiar again and it needs a lot of work to bring it up to FPI
standards.. Airfield layout is good though - not surprising because I
recognise it instantly as my own work - the data being taken directly from
some real airfields plans I made several years ago. <vbg>
All in all the FPI ATC software is still streets ahead.

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Hi Bones & All
I sent you my old vatsim ID 908319 which is not active anymore, so i have
registered again 
new ID is 944069 I hope that it will help.
i only hope that we will see everyone on FPI still. as you know i ATC on
wednesday nights and i only hope that more pilots will join us.
regards John Hill

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