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I was rated C7 when I left so I am hoping that they will let me keep that
rank. I was being nudged into a corner at the time I left as they wanted to
promote me to the next level (Instructor) but that would have been the end
of JHB and all my other FS work..

I hope they don't do the same as I see Adrian and Stephen are still around
and know me from long ago (Adrian was a controller at Ronaldsway and moved
to Prestwick)..


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> Some of it is updated but there is still quite of my own work still on
> the pages..
That must make you feel good! <g>
With your experience, it's embarrassing to mention it, but how
will you get on in terms of, er, retraining? Will Vatsim let you
control at C1 level straight away?

I am looking forward to rejoining JHB sessions - I couldn't cope
with the mental energy required to work both Vatsim and FPI. Peter

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