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VATSIM used to have some fairly stringent rules for VA use - you had to
register and x percent of your pilots had to be members of VATSIM before
they would consider it. X used to be quite a high number too.

If you are browsing the VATSIM pages and come across the rules for VA's then
let me know what they say now. If they have relaxed the rules a bit I'll see
if I can put JHB on their list.


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Hi Gerry,

I must admit to not using the "diamond" callsign, simply because I don't
think any controllers would recognise the JHB callsign.  I use EZY037 due to
the fact this is the only UK based airline I could find which use the
PMDG737-700 I fly.  I hope Bones doesn't mind me and my a/c being wet
leaseed out to EasyJet!!


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Hi Phil,
I'd been toying with following the same route.
Particularly if flying in the USA, it's frustratingto see so much Vatsim
activity, whilst I proceed in silence. Like you I'd stick to FPI for
Wednesdays; probably any European flying. Must look at their site for info.
Do you still use your Diamond 037 callsign on Vatsim?

Gerry Winskill

Phil Reynolds wrote:

>Hi bones,
>A few hours to add, it's been a while!
>JHB037G EGKK EGCC 1437 1534 00:57
>Route - <LAM4M> N57 WELIN T420 TNT <DAYN2A>
>JHB037H EHAM EGLL 1346 1443 00:57
>Route - <VALKO1S> UL980 LOGAN <LAM3A>
>JHB037J EGLL EHAM 1608 1712 01:04
>Route - <BPK6F> UM185 CLN UL620 <REDFA>
>JHB037K EGCC EGSS 1713 1813 01:00
>Route - <HON1R> HON <LOREL1J>
>The first and last of these flights were made on VATSIM, the first time
>tried the network...I must say I'm extremely impressed.  The new SB3
>software was a doddle to install, just a single installation exe which
>everything you need to get going.  Connection (once the settings are
>inputted, a one time job) is a single click and you're away.
>Controllers can be contacted by dialling the frequency directly into
>the radio stack and for many aircraft (my PMDG 737 included) the
>transponder also sets mode standby/charlie via the stack. No dropping
>out to menus or external programs! Weather is a great online bonus
>(which FPI is still sadly lacking) but the main plus point between the
>two networks for me was the amount of controllers/traffic.  For my last
>flight from EGCC to EGSS I was passed through EGCC_GND, EGCC_APP,
>EGTT_CTR, ESSEX_APP, EGSS_TWR.  I was number 3 for departure at EGCC,
>had multiple TCAS targets during the cruise (not too close to activate
>a warning though!!!) and number 3 for landing at EGSS (scarily busy
>with constant controller chatter all the way down from the
>of the STAR).  I parked up on stand literally sweating! However, what I
>was surprised (and very pleased) to find was that the controllers
>weren't as intimidating as I had imagined them to be.  It's taken me
>ages to finally take the plunge with VATSIM due to the various
>tales/rumours I've heard in the past of VATSIM being full of
>professional pilots/controllers with no room for the true armchair
>pilot to fit in.
>I've found to be completely wrong.  The only exception I've found was
>on my first ever flight on VATSIM (JHB037G above) where I had a French
>controller running EGKK_GND.  He seemed intent on blurting clearances
>out so fast that every pilot I heard had to request a "say again?" on
>at least one occasion. This was the only exception however, and I will
>certainly be doing a lot more flying on VATSIM in the future.
>Of course, I shall still try to make as many FPI Wednesday evenings as
>Phil Reynolds

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