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Hi Gerry,

I must admit to not using the "diamond" callsign, simply because I don't
think any controllers would recognise the JHB callsign.  I use EZY037 due to
the fact this is the only UK based airline I could find which use the
PMDG737-700 I fly.  I hope Bones doesn't mind me and my a/c being wet
leaseed out to EasyJet!!


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Hi Phil,
I'd been toying with following the same route.
Particularly if flying in the USA, it's frustratingto see so much Vatsim
activity, whilst I proceed in silence. Like you I'd stick to FPI for
Wednesdays; probably any European flying.
Must look at their site for info. Do you still use your Diamond 037
callsign on Vatsim?

Gerry Winskill

Phil Reynolds wrote:

>Hi bones,
>A few hours to add, it's been a while!
>JHB037G EGKK EGCC 1437 1534 00:57
>Route - <LAM4M> N57 WELIN T420 TNT <DAYN2A>
>JHB037H EHAM EGLL 1346 1443 00:57
>Route - <VALKO1S> UL980 LOGAN <LAM3A>
>JHB037J EGLL EHAM 1608 1712 01:04
>Route - <BPK6F> UM185 CLN UL620 <REDFA>
>JHB037K EGCC EGSS 1713 1813 01:00
>Route - <HON1R> HON <LOREL1J>
>The first and last of these flights were made on VATSIM, the first time
>tried the network...I must say I'm extremely impressed.  The new SB3
>software was a doddle to install, just a single installation exe which
>everything you need to get going.  Connection (once the settings are
>inputted, a one time job) is a single click and you're away.
>Controllers can be contacted by dialling the frequency directly into the
>radio stack and for many aircraft (my PMDG 737 included) the transponder
>also sets mode standby/charlie via the stack. No dropping out to menus or
>external programs!
>Weather is a great online bonus (which FPI is still sadly lacking) but the
>main plus point between the two networks for me was the amount of
>controllers/traffic.  For my last flight from EGCC to EGSS I was passed
>through EGCC_GND, EGCC_APP, EGTT_CTR, ESSEX_APP, EGSS_TWR.  I was number 3
>for departure at EGCC, had multiple TCAS targets during the cruise (not too
>close to activate a warning though!!!) and number 3 for landing at EGSS
>(scarily busy with constant controller chatter all the way down from the
>of the STAR).  I parked up on stand literally sweating!
>However, what I was surprised (and very pleased) to find was that the
>controllers weren't as intimidating as I had imagined them to be.  It's
>taken me ages to finally take the plunge with VATSIM due to the various
>tales/rumours I've heard in the past of VATSIM being full of professional
>pilots/controllers with no room for the true armchair pilot to fit in.
>I've found to be completely wrong.  The only exception I've found was on my
>first ever flight on VATSIM (JHB037G above) where I had a French controller
>running EGKK_GND.  He seemed intent on blurting clearances out so fast that
>every pilot I heard had to request a "say again?" on at least one occasion.
>This was the only exception however, and I will certainly be doing a lot
>more flying on VATSIM in the future.
>Of course, I shall still try to make as many FPI Wednesday evenings as
>Phil Reynolds

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