[jhb_airlines] Re: JHB037 hours and VATSIM

  • From: pdodds@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Peter Dodds)
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 16:39 +0100 (BST)

You have downloaded old software which is a nightmare to use. Bin 

What you need to do is as follows.
1) Go to http://www.vatsim.net and sign up as a new user by 
clicking on the "Join Now" box.
2) Fill out (its a US form <g>) or fill in the application form.  
For country you select United kingdom, and for Region, you select 
Europe, in case it isn't obvious (can't remember).
3) While waiting for your email confimation of mebership number 
and password, go to
http://vatsim.net/links/links31.html and either
a) download Squawkbox 3, or,
b) download FSInn
4) Install the above
For my money, SB3 is easier to use only because it has the voice 
client completely seamlessly integrated.  However, it has 
annoying footprint on screen while flying.  FSInn has a slightly 
smaller one.  This isn't a problem if you use two monitors or a 
lAN, as you can run either on a Lan.  they will both 
automatically find your FS9 and connect to it.  Both them also 
automatically start the multiplayer session in FS for you.

5) Start FS
6)Start SB3/FSInn
7) Fill in all the Vatsim Username name & password, aircraft type 
etc. (You will only need to do this once - it remembers you.
8) Click connect and you are in.
9) Check that you have the Transponder Mode Charlie unticked 
(you'll see the options in the main menu) whilst on the ground.
10) Send your flight plan from the menu option
11) Tune your radio to one of the frequencies displayed using 
either the on screen radio or Go-flight units if you have 
them, and request radio check and taxi.
That's about it really.  There are other clever things like 
second voice channel, texting the ATCO for "off air" comments 
etc.  You can create a list of aircraft you regularly fly which 
allows you to select from that dropdown rather than having to 
trawl through the whole list each time.


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