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Chusul gets a lot of mentions in Google as the world's highest airport =
but I
can't verify this. Some sources quote "near 14000ft" which isn't good =
and one says "near 14,500ft" which would make it a contender. However it
certainly looks like it is the highest military airfield and I dread to
think what the logistics of operating out of there must be like.

Must be a lovely place to get posted too.. <vbg>


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(Puts thinking cap on again ...)

There's Leh and Chusul in Indian Kashmir but I don't know the altitude=20
figures for them and I think they're military so probably don't meet =
ICAO criterion.

Mike (finally giving up)

On 13 Dec 2004 at 19:01, Bones wrote:

> The highest airfield is about 300ft higher than Bangdag.
> There may very well be other airfields both higher and lower than on=20
> my =3D list as my data only covers ICAO coded aerodromes. It would not =

> surprise me =3D if there are rough strips

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