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I must try that..

Good question for everyone here. What is the lowest ICAO coded airfield in
the world. Name and height if known please.

For good measure give me the highest too. And it's not La Paz..


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I didn't go that far south on the african contenent, coming in 
from Iran over Saudi.  The tombs at Abu Simbel is missing at 
Aswan as is the Bhuddist Temple at Bodabudar on Java, but the 
Temple IS there at Jerusalem. That might be significant.  The Taj 
Mahal is also in the default scenery.  I'll say something about 
this round the world flying - you certainly improve your 

I think one of the most fascinating bits so far is flying over 
the Dead Sea, 100 feet above the water, with the alitmeter 
reading MINUS 600 feet!  You can't set up the autopilot to fly 
below sea level!


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