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Thanks Mike.

I'll process these later in the week if you don't mind. If I update the =
again now it will remove the impressive list of promotions (part of the
automatic process) and I'd like these to say up for a while..


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Likewise here - my hours are spot-on.  However I am going to spoil that=20
by reporting some more -

Sunday evening MP sessions in the Caribbean - 3:00

ATOC/FPI sessions

EGPF - EGGD - EGHH =3D 2:30
EIDW - EGFF - EGKK =3D 2:40
EGPF - EGSS =3D 1:12
EGNS circuits and EGNS - EGAC =3D 1:50

Total this report =3D 11:12

Cumulative total =3D 11:12 + 1168:56 =3D 1180:08


Phil Reynolds wrote:

>Hi John,
>For info, my hours are spot on.....
> =20
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>>I have processed all the flight reports received to date and these =3D =

>>should appear on the web pages later today (I can't get into them=20
>>right now).
>>When the hours page comes up could I ask everyone to have a look at =
>>their totals and see if they are about right please. After such a long =

>>period =3D it
>>is quite possible some reports may have gone adrift and I'd like to =
>>sure the figures are good.
>>No new assignments as yet because I feel there are still a lot of =3D=20
>>reports to come in - there seems to be a few large gaps for some=20
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