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It would interesting to compare your planned routes with the output from
http://rfinder.asalink.net/free/ as the output from this is generally quite
accurate to real world flight plans.

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I did see the buttkicker selling like hotcakes but I must say I fail to see
the attraction personally, I have enough to worry about on my departures
without having my bottom massaged! Perhaps I'm just no multi-tasker <G> 

Another real bargain that leaked out and I only purchased by accident (read
desperation to spend last £30) was the Seldec UK upper and lower airway
route guide. It is basically A listing of all the UK airways in text format,
printed in an A5 booklet, with all the airway reporting points and their
latitude and longitude, as well as any applicable frequencies and the length
of the airway and direction it should be used in, this 150 odd page book was
less than a fiver, and when put alongside Franks grab of the UK airspace and
airway chart this gives you a very powerful and simple IFR planning tool for
about 9 quid. It will certainly allow me to more quickly plan accurate

Having checked their website it normally retails for £11.99 but I'd say its
worth it, unless someone knows of a free resource because until I looked at
how many pages it had I did think about typing it out but excuse me if I
dont ;) 

On their site: http://www.seldec.com/seldec/

They also have a UK and Ireland waypoint chart, including SID and STAR
waypoints, looks like I might be ordering that over the next few days. 

Ruddy 'eck I still havent stopped spending and I left 8 hours ago! good job
its only once a year! Although I reckon we really should organise meets more

By the way did anyone chat to Captain Rowland at the ITVV stand? what a
gentleman! up to last year he was BA's chief pilot and I must admit his very
humble and down to earth attitude did him a real justice... a real treat to
talk to. He even gave me a tenner discount off his Concorde DVD as we had to
stand opposite each other for the two days <VBG> 

Never realised that for the 2 hours Concorde passengers were on the aircraft
it actually took 5 and a half hours from cold and dark to cold and dark,
fascinating stuff...now I have to find time to watch the DVD! 


Mike Brook wrote: 

Alex -
Thanks for the post, it was good to meet up with you and the Pilot Club
folk.  I hope that you all got home safely.  You are dead right, the 2006
Pooley's for GBP5.00 was a total bargain <g>.  Luckily I managed to snap one
up before they all vanished.  They were selling almost as fast as the
'Buttkicker' contraption that bolts onto the underside of your flying chair
and delivers a 7.5 Hz excitation (I use that word carefully, you'll have to
ask Mike Lucas whether it is an accurate description ... <VBG>).  Sorry that
I missed FrankF and Andy on Sunday, the Model Railway exhibition was simply
too good to leave and by the time I got to Hall 3A it was waaaay past
closing time...

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A few of my pictures from the weekend can be found: 


What a great weekend! wonderful to meet so many people at last! .....even if
Frank Fisher kept forgetting my name...he did redeem himself by finding a
ruddy brilliant deal at the AFE stand, the pilots freeflight atlas and the
UK airspace full length chart for just £20 (save a good £2) 

Although to be honest the star deal of the show was the Pooleys VFR flight
guides 2006 for just £5 or free with any purchase over £30. The 3 stalls
that sold them had run out by 2pm on the first day and they did a good deal
more on the second day. 

I also picked up a bargain on the Garry Summons stall, he had a load of old
aerodrome charts and booklets for sale, after a bit of digging I found a
Airbus A319/320/321 operational training manual handbook. 300+ pages and
with all the Airbus updates to 03, snapped it up for £15 after a bit of
haggling, where as AFE were selling a reproduction quick cockpit guidebook
for £35 with only 70 pages. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures! there's plenty more where they came


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