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Alex -

Thanks for the post, it was good to meet up with you and the Pilot Club
folk.  I hope that you all got home safely.  You are dead right, the 2006
Pooley's for GBP5.00 was a total bargain <g>.  Luckily I managed to snap one
up before they all vanished.  They were selling almost as fast as the
'Buttkicker' contraption that bolts onto the underside of your flying chair
and delivers a 7.5 Hz excitation (I use that word carefully, you'll have to
ask Mike Lucas whether it is an accurate description ... <VBG>).  Sorry that
I missed FrankF and Andy on Sunday, the Model Railway exhibition was simply
too good to leave and by the time I got to Hall 3A it was waaaay past
closing time...

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  A few of my pictures from the weekend can be found:


  What a great weekend! wonderful to meet so many people at last! .....even
if Frank Fisher kept forgetting my name...he did redeem himself by finding a
ruddy brilliant deal at the AFE stand, the pilots freeflight atlas and the
UK airspace full length chart for just £20 (save a good £2)

  Although to be honest the star deal of the show was the Pooleys VFR flight
guides 2006 for just £5 or free with any purchase over £30. The 3 stalls
that sold them had run out by 2pm on the first day and they did a good deal
more on the second day.

  I also picked up a bargain on the Garry Summons stall, he had a load of
old aerodrome charts and booklets for sale, after a bit of digging I found a
Airbus A319/320/321 operational training manual handbook. 300+ pages and
with all the Airbus updates to 03, snapped it up for £15 after a bit of
haggling, where as AFE were selling a reproduction quick cockpit guidebook
for £35 with only 70 pages.

  Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures! there's plenty more where they came


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