[jhb_airlines] JHB Fleet

  • From: "Bones" <bones@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "JHB Email List" <jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 19:24:18 +0100

Mike has just asked me about JHB fleet registrations and on checking I found
a few clashes. I think I have now sorted this out, some by simple
aircraft.cfg edits and some by hasty repaints. The revised list is now:

G-JHBA  Boeing 737-400
G-JHBB  Beech 1900
G-JHBC  Beech Baron
G-JHBD  Cessna 172
G-JHBE  Real Air C172 (might just be me)
G-JHBF  Boeing 747 400 Freighter
G-JHBG  Boeing 747-400 (edited aircraft.cfg here as it was also G-JHBF)
G-JHBH  Aerodesigns A320 (repainted as it was G-JHBP). Mod file uploaded.
G-JHBK  Fokker 70
G-JHBL  Fokker 100-620
G-JHBM  Fokker 100-650
G-JHBN  Boeing 757-200RR (repaint as it had no fuselage serial. Cfg file
also amended)
G-JHBP  PMDG 737 700
G-JHBR  Airbus A340
G-JHBS  ATR72 (repaint as it had no serial and aircraft.cfg changed)
G-JHBT-Z        Not used

For most of the changes the aircraft.cfg files can simply be altered. I have
updated a few zips for new users but the only repaints are for the A320 (a
mod because the original file is big), the ATR72 and the B757-200RR.

I've not included AI aircraft because the ATOC lot don't have registrations
and "normal" AI have never been on my list.

At the moment the list looks quite reasonable but I'm willing to hear of new
suggestions. Is there any aircraft we regularly fly that merits adding?



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