[jhb_airlines] Re: JHB F100 for use in Pilot Club

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If it is designed to be FSX proof they could well be in this .dds format or whatever it is.....just a possiblilty?


Mike Brook wrote:
I'm actually trying to make an MP version of the F100 to add to the JHB package that the Pilot Club guys released the day before yesterday <g>.  We've already got a very usable normal flight JHB version of the F100 that Bones painted some time ago.  I'm still trying to work out what format the MP models should be in...
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Is that the Project Fokker 100? If so its a bitch to paint! I had a go before I gave up and got someone else to do the scheme.

I spent 4 hours painting an Ilyushin 96 yesterday and left the original mip layers on so by the time it got to FS it was all blurred, by the time it had taken me an hour to work out the problem I had given up the will to live. Glad to see you are soldiering on :)


Mike Brook wrote:
I thought that I would share with you all my first attempt to create a
AI F-100 in JHB livery for use in Pilot Club.


I think that I still have a long way to go!  Ah well, back to the
drawing board...



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