[jhb_airlines] Re: JHB Event for 27th November 2008

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Thanks for that Paul.

I'm now updating my MTL library, so far its done about 200 of the 2,516 it was 
to update. I'm not sure I was wise to do the recommended full install, but 
there was no "everything except airliners" filter, which I guess would reduce 
the list to about 30!

Once that's completed I'll hunt for the Bell UH1 in the list, and then see if 
the flight planner in IVAO can find it.

Frank T.

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  There is a difference here between FSX and FS9 MTL libraries.  In FS9 IVAO 
includes the Bell Jet Ranger with the aircraft code B06.  I've just looked 
through and cannot see one in the FSX library.  


  I would suggest firing a request to the appropriate list on the IVAO forum to 
see if one can be added.  


  If not, the FSX MTL library does include a number of rotaries: several 
Eurocopters: the Dauphin AS 365 (listed as AS65); the EC120 (listed as EC20); 
EC 130 (listed as EC30; the 135 (listed as EC35) and 145 (listed asEC45).  
There's also a Bell Cobra (listed as HUCO), Bell UH1 (listed as UH1)  and 
Sikorsky CH124 Sea King (listed as S61).


  If you haven't done so for a while, you may need to run your MTL Library 
Updater to ensure you have the models available for selection.


  One of these should see you through Frank.




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  Hi John,


  I'd like to try flying a Bell 206B from Leeds to Blackpool. I see from 
Pooley's that they both have helipads so I'm assuming that's in order. Are 
there any special rules for helicopter operations in either location please?


  I would also appreciate a bit of help with setting up the aircraft in the 
IVAO flight plan. (Previously I'd set this to a PA31 as being the nearest thing 
to my fixed wing choice). I have used the MTL to load up what appears to be 
just about everything, which includes the code AET for a Bell Huey, the nearest 
I could find to the 206B. However, I can't spot the code AET on the pull-down 
list for Type of Aircraft on the flight plan entry screen. There is also a a 
choice of aircraft colour and markings in the supplementary information, which 
I guess also needs selecting. Is there something I have missed?


  Frank T.


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     Hi All


    JHB Airlines welcomes all pilots to this initial round robin event on IVAO 
following earlier popular events on the FPI network.All the details are on JHB 
Airlines website (JHB News),please let us know if you can make it on the night.


    Regards John Hill 


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