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I don't think there is a paint kit. I'll do a search.
Much though I like the look of the Cessna, I'll stick to the Falcon 50. Now that I've sorted a few things on the FS9 version, and built its panel up to contain most of the goodies I must have, it really is a very nice a/c. I don't use the popup systems panels but they're there for those who do. It's the flight characteristics that I particularly like, in both FS2002 and FS9 versions. If you take off at MTOW, then it eats up the runway. In the turn you almost feel the weight of the yoke. On a manual ILS, once set up, it comes down the glideslope as though on rails.
Must go off for the pils!
Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

You point out a gap that I hadn't spotted before - we don't have any
executive aircraft in the fleet.

Now cured as I have added a Citation to the page now. This is a nice
aircraft for users to jump up to from turboprops as it gives a decent cruise
speed but still has Baron approach speeds (down to 100kts with full flap).


I've not got the Falcon so a repaint would be tricky. Do you know if a paint
kit is available?

For the executive fleet I will do as in real life and create a more
minimalist paint scheme. As you will see on the C550 there isn't enough room
for the full JHB Airlines logo and this has been reduced to a simple (but
effective) JHB. Most bizjets there days have no corporate identity at all -
seems to be the fashion, probably because many are sub leased to other


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I liked it too!

Now, what really would fill a gap would be a JHB version of the Lavigne
Falcon 50. Brilliant aircraft but original livery is nondescript. Currently
flying it Mulhouse to Gatwick.

Gerry Winskill

Mike Brook wrote:

Well, I liked the PMDG 747 repaint even if it didn't raise a comment

from anyone else (I assume that that was what you were hinting at...?



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Anyone looked at the repaint page recently? <vbg>

Further update soon too.



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