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Just run the official blanks to earth. If you wish, you can download from:


Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

You point out a gap that I hadn't spotted before - we don't have any
executive aircraft in the fleet.

Now cured as I have added a Citation to the page now. This is a nice
aircraft for users to jump up to from turboprops as it gives a decent cruise
speed but still has Baron approach speeds (down to 100kts with full flap).


I've not got the Falcon so a repaint would be tricky. Do you know if a paint
kit is available?

For the executive fleet I will do as in real life and create a more
minimalist paint scheme. As you will see on the C550 there isn't enough room
for the full JHB Airlines logo and this has been reduced to a simple (but
effective) JHB. Most bizjets there days have no corporate identity at all -
seems to be the fashion, probably because many are sub leased to other


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I liked it too!

Now, what really would fill a gap would be a JHB version of the Lavigne
Falcon 50. Brilliant aircraft but original livery is nondescript. Currently
flying it Mulhouse to Gatwick.

Gerry Winskill

Mike Brook wrote:

Well, I liked the PMDG 747 repaint even if it didn't raise a comment

from anyone else (I assume that that was what you were hinting at...?



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Anyone looked at the repaint page recently? <vbg>

Further update soon too.



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