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It sounds as thought the installation has worked quite well because you seem
to have the voice software running OK and I saw your target on the radar
screen as well as your flight plan.

Frank's suggestion is what I suspect too. The FPI sound, traffic and weather
modules operate on different ports and your firewall or router have to allow
these through. The INI file gives:


but I think 15200 has to be opened as well.

If you want to test it again just post a note here saying when you are going
to be online. If not myself I'm sure one of the pilots would be happy to
jump in and help.. With the voice module working it makes life easier
because we can at least talk through the problem..


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I did have problems setting things up, but just as I got on top of them got
called away and had to abandon.  I usually work Wednesday evenings so cannot
join in but at this time of the year things go a bit quite so I was home for
a change.  Unfortunately one of my collegues informed a friend who took the
opportunity to call round "on the off chance" to catch up.  The best laid

During my brief (few minutes) online at Nice, I heard Alastair being given
taxi to parking and Frank cleared to Venice (I believe).  I could see
neither so there's obviously a gremlin in the system somewhere.

Fingers crossed, I should be available next Wednesday but would like to get
my FPI set-up right in advance.  I suspect that doing so may mean
uninstalling and re-installing.  So that I get things right, is there a
preferred order to install the modules?


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Last night was excellent and I'd hope everyone else enjoyed it too. I'm not
sure why it was better than other evenings but the stage lengths seemed just
about right and it resulted in a lot of aircraft crossing tracks - nice when
this happens.

It was slightly busier than of late too as we had a Lufthansa, G-TOMI and a
couple of Eurofly aircraft join in. I was also pleased to see two new JHB
callsigns show up - Colin Wilding in JHB116 and Paul Reynolds in JHB153.
Colin flew from LZSA to LIPZ (Alastair and Frank probably saw him departing
as they arrived at LZSA) and I enjoyed a brief chat whilst he was en route.
Paul I saw on the ground at Nice but when I looked again later the target
had gone - I hope it wasn't a software problem Paul but drop me an email if
you need to sort things out.

Next week we will be visiting Santa Claus Airport, otherwise known as
Rovaniemi (EFRO). <g>


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