[jhb_airlines] Re: Is this the end?

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The phrase 'more synergy with our ongoing investments' and not retaining
backward compatibility (stated during FSX SP1/2 issue) implies that FSXI may
be Windows 7 only.

It looks like MS are playing upgrade roulette.  Do they think the market is
strong enough to drive us to update the OS alongside FS?  Only time will


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I'm not remotely tempted to move from XP to Vista, or any of their other 
attempts to create a new market.

Gerry Winskill

F FISHER wrote:
> Paul
> Don't forget that Windoze7 is due out this autumn, now in final beta. 
> Designed for the Intel i7???
> It is supposed to be leaner than current Vista models (what Vista was to 
> have been).
> It might just tip the balance from WinXP.
> Me, I am spent out, my current machine/OS and FSX has got to be it for 
> at least the next couple of years.
> Frank F

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