[jhb_airlines] Re: Is this the end?

  • From: Gerry Winskill <gwinsk@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 08:59:40 +0000


I tend to look at this in a positive way. Firstly it enables us to stay on the roundabout, instead of having to aim at a hardware upgrade every two years. If they continued to develop beyond FSX, in what areas could they produce significant improvements? My guess is that it would mainly be in the area of eye candy. If we look at what we don't have in FSX, that was promised for it, then it's only the appearance of the scenery, that featured in their now discredited pre-launch blurb. What we did get in FSX was greater fluidity of the air, allowing realistic reaction to winds rising over escarpments etc, and the abillity to display photo scenery at the detail level provided by Horizon. It's a pity the air improvement doesn't extend to simulation of wind sheer and gradients, created by buildings and trees

The VFR London scenery developed by Horizon has also shown that there is little point in going down the path of developing more detailed scenery, just because it is possible. Great though it may be to look at, VFR London, for most users, has such an impact om systems that flying is reduced to a slideshow. It's probably flyable to the minority, such as Monir, who spend life in a photographic hover but not to the rest of us.

On the positive side, a predictable period of stabillity is likely to encourage more Freeware and Payware designers, both of scenery and aircraft. With the time from FSX launch now under his belt, Gary Sumons seems to have started to deal with the limitations and opportunities of FSX, by achieving stunning appearance in Heathrow Xtreme, without the performance hit that seemed to result from his previous FSX "Xtreme" offerings.

OTOH a move to control third party design, as Phil points to, would have quite the opposite effect. In that case it's hard to see that continued development beyond FSX would be any advantage to us.

So, enjoy the Quad but do try it with FSX restricted to one core. It sounds slightly illogical but it works.

Gerry Winskill

Kev Townsend wrote:

And I take delivery of my Quad i7 - 6Mb Tri Channel - 512Mb 4850 tomorrow.



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