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Two things stand out: 

The emphasis of development within games for Windows Live!  Be prepared for
another round tying into the latest OS/Direct-X version on release. The clue
being 'more synergy with our ongoing investments'. Don't forget, with the
release of FSX SP2 they indicated future releases would also not retain
backward compatibility as they have previously. 

The second is 'will push innovation, community, and collaboration to new
levels'.  By this I reckon they are flagging up prospect of all add-ons
going through a verification process.  This has been talked about elsewhere
and I suspect there will be a system check when installing an add-on to
ensure strict adherence to MS specs. which, because we are now talking about
Windows Live! environment could change each time MS does one of its famous
system updates. - You will do things our way or we will ensure your add-on
doesn't work properly!

On a more positive note, by the time we get this new version we should be
seeing FSX starting to perform at optimum as usual!


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Very little traffic lately.

Is it a reaction to the announcement from Microsoft regarding Flight


Kev T

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