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> I've never seen one of these..
> I get tooltips coming up for the gauges but nothing about flying habits. Do 
> they just pop up on the screen somewhere?
> bones
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>> Hi all,
>> Does anyone know how to get rid of the irritating message  
>> Flying Tip
>> Your altimeter is incorrectly set.  Press B or else we'll send in the 
>> marines
>> Not all of us fly within the confines of the good old U S of A. or want to.
>> Colin 


I'm quite happily sitting on stand minding my own and up flashes this 
message, which for the reasons previously stated irritate the hell out of me.  
I also 
get "your engines are not started"  Yes I know, that's because I turned them 

Mike B's suggested a course of action I'm going to try and I'll let you know.



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