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Thanks for the advice. In conjunction with Vol 2 of the Central Europe Aerad, I got from you a couple of years ago, it formed the basis of a crib sheet which I used for an afternoon recce, then the evening's flight. Fortunately the active was the less stressful 26. The approach ATC was good, too.
Sorry I didn't manage my hoped for Norwich to Manchester but 2140 seemed a bit late to start.

Down in your neck of the woods, tomorrow. I'll be on the green sward, on the bypass, to watch the S100. Weather forecast decent, too.
Won't require guidance.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Yes but not fully loaded. We've seen a few here with just a 5750ft runway.

Just practise your steep turns because if LOWI is in marginal weather
tomorrow and you do the ILS cloudbreak procedure (descend to 5000ft on the
ILS and the airfield should be directly underneath you) then you have to
stay within a circling radius of 2nm of the airport to stop thudding into a

I wonder how many will get caught out by the ILS being 16nm away from the
airfield... <vbg>


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One of tomorrow's FPI destinations is Innsbruck. Since it's a) closer than Vienna and b) a tricky location, I'll probably have a crack at Manchester to Innsbruck, and return. I'd prefer to use the A320,' cos it's faster than my normal F100 choice. Innsbruck's runway is 6000'. Is the A320 0n?

Gerry Winskill

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