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  • Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 13:31:17 +0100

Heat has certainly been a concern for me to these last few days but more
related to this PC. The CPU is hot anyway and normally runs at 58C on start
up. Over the last few days this has crept up to 62C and running FS is taking
it close to 80C.

I have one other program (a card game called High Seas) on this PC that
pushes CPU temps through the roof. Like FS2004 it also has the symptom of
not recognising the second processor on an HT CPU. Looking at Task Manager
this gives one CPU running at 100% and the other nearly zero - which is why
CPU Load is always reported at 50%.

There are two ways of looking at this. One is to suspect that FS2004 is
indeed only using one CPU and driving it at full tilt - which is why the
temps go ballistic. The other is to believe the thread on AVSIM that says
the DX code in FS2004 wasn't written properly and only records single CPU
values when FS is really using both. If this is true then it has to be the
case that FS is running both CPU's at max throttle permanently - which would
also explain the temperature jump. In this case the same may be true for
Highseas too.

Not many programs fire the CPU to 100% and the two I have aren't enough to
base any theories on. Maybe ANY program that pushes CPU use to maximum gives
false readings..

One interesting test was to click on each program in Task Manager and check
that the affinity values were set to both CPU's. Changing this to just one
CPU, regardless of which was selected, made no difference to the CPU graph
readings at all.


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Me too!  Apologies but the attic cockpit was at over 35 deg C last
evening...  Maybe it will be raining next week <g>


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> Too hot in my armchair cockpit last night, plus other interests - like
> Frank T, following the Tour de France, and installing new Bluetooth
> devices and GPS software.
> Sorry not to be supporting the team this week.
> Mike L
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> > Tonight  saw quite a drop in traffic so it was rather
> humdrum for the three
> > UK  airports.
> >
> >
> > I'll say. Flying from Manchester, just me and Bones on
> channel, London
> > Centre, just me and Alex, Norwich approach, just me and
> Dave. Looked at the
> > Servinfo map, the swarm appeared round Austria. I couldn't
> start that early as
> > following the Tour de France on ITV2.
> >
> > Frank T.
> >
> >

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