[jhb_airlines] Re: Impending Monitor failure

  • From: "Mike Lucas" <mhlucas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 19:45:01 +0100


Just before my recent holiday I had a rush of blood and splashed out on 2 LCD 
monitors.  Nothing on the grand scale that you are considering - just a 17" and 
15".  After a fair bit of research, I opted for ViewSonics (a VP171s and a 
from www.overclockers.co.uk.

I have not been disappointed with my choice - delivery from OC was red-hot, and 
not a single dead pixel on either monitor.  Colours look pretty good to me, but 
I do 
not have the same critical requirements (or eye) as you.

You mention that bigger screens have lower refresh rates.  I think you mean 
response rate.  All TFT screens are designed to operate at 60 Hz refresh rate.  
The response rate is critical though, since a slow response rate (> 25ms) can 
ghosting in fast-action games (the contributors to the Hardware forum on OC 
seem to be the experts here), and certainly the larger TFT monitors do in 
have slower response rates.  Both my new monitors are 16 ms.

The users of OC are, I believe, pretty demanding of product quality and I 
the kit they stock reflects their customers' expectations.  They stock a much 
smaller range than, say, Dabs, but it's quality stuff.  I suggest you have a 
look at 
what they have.  I've just had a quick glance at their range of larger TFT 
- they have a superb Neovo (unfortunately out of stock) which would probably be 
my first choice.  From my own recent experience I can recommend ViewSonic, 
and I see OC have three larger models, including a very nice VP201S 20" with 16 
ms response rate if you're feeling flush ... <g>



On 9 Aug 2004 at 17:25, Bones wrote:

> It looks like my monitor is about to go pop. For the last couple of
> hours it has gone through a routine of flashing and then cutting out.
> I pulled the back off to tweak the various knobs but without success.
> I may have to drag in the standby 15" unit from next door - which will
> be a shock after this 21" beast.
> Now that prices of LCD screens are down quite a bit I may move in that
> direction. Sony no longer seem to make big CRT monitors so I guess my
> G500 was the last of a dying breed. A pity in a way because it's been
> a superb monitor and its only fault was gradual brightening with age -
> now to a very unacceptable level.
> LCD's seem to be good enough for FS use now but there's a limit.
> Bigger screens have lower refresh rates - and so it may be worth
> staying with a 19" screen for now rather than jump to the 20". I'm
> slowly going through the reviews but every reviewer seems to have
> his/her favourites and there isn't a clear winner right now.
> Any feedback would be appreciated. My only stipulation is that colour
> accuracy is high for the photo work I do..
> HC@xxxxxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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