[jhb_airlines] Re: I'll be back!

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  • Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 22:50:02 +0100

Is there an echo in here, I got that through twice!

Have a good 'un Mike.  I'm sure we'll get you there in the end.


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Enjoy your hols, Mike, wherever you're off to.  We'll sort you out one
way or the other on your return.

Mike L

Mike Brook wrote:
> All -
> I'm orft on me 'ols again, back on Oct 11th.  Despite the best efforts
> and assistance of several stalwarts on the list I've still failed
> dismally WRT being able to see other folk during PilotClub MP
> sessions. I'm going to knock it all on the head and will try again in
> a couple of weeks.
> Enjoy your next week or two of beta testing, I'll be back again one
> day (hopefully)...!
> MikeB
> JHB193

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