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  • Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 18:05:32 +0100

I have been following the experiences of Bones, Gerry, Frank T, Frank F, etc with FSX with great interest ... but also with increasing cynicism. It is only recently that I finally decided to install FS9, having been perfectly happy with FS2K2 and its performance on my PC - and, apart from allowing the use of some more up-to-the-minute coding tools for developers, I have seen little to commend the switch to FS9. Indeed only today I have returned to FS2K2 in preference to FS9 for my first bit of flight simming for about three months - and very enjoyable too.

I reckon Bones could well be right when he compares FS9 -> FSX to CFS2 -> CFS3: a triumph for the accountants (apologies to Frank T) and marketing hype over real technical progress. If there is no progress from flat earth/runways (X-Plane has had sloping runways for over a year), and flight dynamics of the default aircraft are getting worse instead of better, then I will be leaving FSX off my Christmas list.

Another example of M$ bloatware, or the emperor's new clothes IMHO ...

Back to my dark corner.

Mike L

Bones wrote:
The only slight concern I have is that if there are file associations to FSX
these will be removed on uninstalling - but they files may not necessarily
"reattach" to FS2004.


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I'll probably leave the Demo on for a couple of days, then run the uninstall prog, to get rid of it. What you say about possible sharing sounds logical. Since my FS9 is on a different drive to the Demo, with VFR GM on yet another drive, that might be exascerbating the problem. If I run the uninstal, then Regvac, that might get rid of the pauses...or is the plural "paws" ?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

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