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The only slight concern I have is that if there are file associations to FSX
these will be removed on uninstalling - but they files may not necessarily
"reattach" to FS2004.


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I'll probably leave the Demo on for a couple of days, then run the
uninstall prog, to get rid of it. What you say about possible sharing
sounds logical. Since my FS9 is on a different drive to the Demo, with
VFR GM on yet another drive, that might be exascerbating the problem. If
I run the uninstal, then Regvac, that might get rid of the pauses...or
is the plural "paws" ?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>I've not read all the 300 odd problem posts about FSX at AVSIM but
>there is obviously enough to cause a lot of worry.
>Some of the problems are basic in that FSX shares the same filename
>suffixes as FS2004 and has reset the Registry to associate the files
>with itself. Some of these are obvious - like clicking a FLT file and
>finding it launches FSX - but this may also be happening internally
>too. In other words you start FS2004 and it may be trying to load a
>background file which the Registry is now telling it is in FSX.
>Having looked through my File Type options I only find two file types
>get opened with a listed program. BGL's are set to FS9 and FLT files
>are set to FSX. This means a full Registry search will be needed as I
>suspect the FSX DLL's are possibly being triggered by FS2004 by error.
>This would explain Frank's problem and also yours. The trouble is that
>many other possibilities exist to cause these problems...
>My video problem prompted an answer in that the coding for FSX shaders
>is still causing headaches and should be regarded as incomplete.
>Effectively that means the end of testing for me but I'll still look
>closely at the FSX structure to work out what is different in it.
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>After getting it running quite quickly and smoothly, I've hit an
>irritating problem with FS9. Every 12 seconds, regularly, it does a
>half second pause. It does this whether flying over a heavilly autogen
>populated area, or sitting on the ground at Belfast City.In fact it's
>slightly worse at Belfast. It even does it when FS9 is paused
>The only changes to the system have been installation of XP SP2 and of
>the FSX Demo. A quick check confirms it does't happen with FSX Demo.
>All ideas gratefully received.
>Gerry Winskill

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