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One of the problems with Autogen is that some of the tools used are not
"efficient". When VFR AddOns first started populating with Autogen one tool
used was Art's Autogen program. This could create a huge number of autogen
areas - easily exceeding the 600 per tile limit. The trouble was that not
all these areas would create trees in FS. The result was hundred of tiles
loaded up to the 600 limit but not a lot showing in FS to indicate the level
of detail.

The current tool is AgenT which is far better - but there are still a lot of
areas created with the older tools. I suspect this is why VFR Add-ons are
working on a fully populated tree set of AGN files - all automatically
created with AgenT. I'm not sure what the current status of this is.


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Are you using the VFR Addons' Autogen? If so that seems to affect my
afflicted machine, in the Gloucester area.

Gerry Winskill

Peter Dodds wrote:

>Now that is very interesting!
>One of the Cix VFR Club's operating bases is Gloucestershire, and
>therefore it is around the south/south west area that
>I end up doing a lot of my flying.  It is in that area that I get the
"jerks", although I haven't done proper tests to
>see where else I get them.  I wonder if it something to do with Gary
Summons' EGBJ secenery which does seem to load up
>the system a lot.  However, I don't think I get it around Biggin Hill,
which is the Club's other base, and also has
>Gary's scenery. I'll have to recheck next time I get a minute (next week

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