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  • Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 07:35:56 +0100

Hi Paul,
My own, uninformed, guess was memory not being freed up, dspite running Freeram. I'll be powerjetting the drive this morning, which should allow time for a defrag of my F drive, that contains my FS9 folder.

Before that I'll try deactivating some of the scenery, to try to narrow it down a bit.

Gerry Winskill

Paul wrote:

You say it's the system that pauses, not just fs9.  Memory leak? Tried
defragging recently?  I find this often solves a case of the stutters.


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My only thought is that something is being loaded into RAM and then not being released again. Whether this is a bad scenery file or an internal FS process is much harder to say. Tis one of those horrible things that could be anything and might be tricky to track down..


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Update on the Pauses . Uninstalling the FSX Demo made no difference to the regular pauses. A few observations:

If I'm flying over a heavilly scenery and AG loaded are like the Cotswolds,
and have the pause problem, it tends to stick. If I move to somewhere with a
lower load, like Belfast, then the problem persists. Move to a virtual
desert, like Alice Springs, and it travels with me.

Next interesting observation is that it's the system that pauses, not just
FS9. With a pause affected FS9 running on just one of my three monitors, I
move the mouse cursor to either of the other two screens. There I perform a
smooth circular motion with the mouse cursor. When FS9 pauses, so the cursor
pauses on the empty screen.

Next I boot up at Alice Springs. No pauses at all. In succession I relocate
to Greece, to Aberdeen, to the new and complex Glasgow. As smooth as silk
everywhere. A move to Ronaldsway sees the first sign of a pause. Move to the
Cotswolds and it's at its worst.

Other observation is that if I start at Gloucestershire with the Default
Cessna, the pauses are less noticeable.

Running with Hyperthreading enabled or disabled makes no difference.
Hyperthreading enabled reduces the blurries, in the Cotswolds.

Task Master shows I'm not using all the 1Gb DDR memory.  Running Freeram
makes no difference.

Anything blindingly obvious here?

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:

After getting it running quite quickly and smoothly, I've hit an
irritating problem with FS9. Every 12 seconds, regularly, it does a
half second pause. It does this whether flying over a heavilly autogen
populated area, or sitting on the ground at Belfast City.In fact it's
slightly worse at Belfast. It even does it when FS9 is paused

The only changes to the system have been installation of XP SP2 and of
the FSX Demo. A quick check confirms it does't happen with FSX Demo.

All ideas gratefully received.

Gerry Winskill

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