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Nice screenshot. 

I'm quite impressed with the IoM scenery considering it was created from
little more than photographs. For most users it will be quite acceptable but
I find a disadvantage in that having worked at the place for so long the
very slight differences in scale or proportion create a far greater reaction
in my mind that something's not quite right. What I think is happening is
that he's got it so close to the real layout that it registers in my head
that it's Ronaldsway but then there must be something going on in my memory
cells because I get a strong signal that it's not right. Weird.

The building colours are slightly out too - more a mushroom colour (yellow
blending towards brown) than any tone of red:


By comparison the metal cargo sheds are a much deeper colour:



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bones -

Good session tonight, thanks!  Sorry that I missed John Hill, I've not
chatted to him for ages.

This is the screenie that I took whilst we were talking after I had shut


Note the frame rate.

I've completely refurbished two old P4 pc's that I have had for years and
have also rebuilt another old P4 that I was recently given using bits
sourced from eBay (at minimum cost*).  All these machines are now fully
networked together and I've exploited my new-found super-computing power as
I described during our chat.  By distributing all the various add-on
programs that I use to complement my 'flying' over four of these machines, I
have dramatically improved the whole FSX/Vista/Horizon experience to an
extent that I would not have believed possible even two months ago!
Reducing the 'load' on the 'flying' machine is a definite plus.

It bodes well for the future.


* a total of less than GBP40 <g>

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