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Looks good Mike

I have just loaded up my new machine, and like an idiot, loaded up FSX + SP1 + SP2. straight away.

Current frame rates are max 10, yes 10 frames. For a 4 core 2.83 machine with a 9800gtx card!!!

I am going to uninstall, then reinstall and test at each stage, but I think my mistake was in loading SP2. I am sure that the frame rates plummeted then.

Mind you, moving the main sliders up or down, makes no difference to the frame rates, even with AG on or off.

I think that I will have to get some tweaks for this setup, the FRs should be thro the roof, my old machine is at least 3 times faster!!

Back to the drawing board

Frank F

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bones -

Good session tonight, thanks!  Sorry that I missed John Hill, I've not
chatted to him for ages.

This is the screenie that I took whilst we were talking after I had shut


Note the frame rate.

I've completely refurbished two old P4 pc's that I have had for years and
have also rebuilt another old P4 that I was recently given using bits
sourced from eBay (at minimum cost*).  All these machines are now fully
networked together and I've exploited my new-found super-computing power as
I described during our chat.  By distributing all the various add-on
programs that I use to complement my 'flying' over four of these machines, I
have dramatically improved the whole FSX/Vista/Horizon experience to an
extent that I would not have believed possible even two months ago!
Reducing the 'load' on the 'flying' machine is a definite plus.

It bodes well for the future.


* a total of less than GBP40 <g>


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