[jhb_airlines] Re: IVAO pirep page down?

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you talking about me again?
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Pay? Dunno about that. Shrinking global economy, airlines having a tough
time and all that. You might have to share the bone with the tripehound in
the corner - if you can get anywhere near him..


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Finally I have got access to the pireps page again.  I tried all 3
browsers from a different PC and still couldn't get access so I decided
to reset my IVAO password - that did the trick.  Pireps for last night
now filed - so hopefully I will get this week's pay check.

Mike L

Mike Lucas wrote:
This Mike - and I am the one having the IVAO pirep page problem - is
*NOT* on BTInternet.  And I cannot get access to the pirep page
whichever browser I use (IE, Firefox or Opera).

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