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  • Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 17:29:05 +0100

I have to verify any PIREP. The report includes your proposed times but it
also shows the actual hours you were online together with the callsigns
used. I guess they put this in to allow VA staff to check against falsifying


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The real answer lies in whether Bones accepted the Pirep or it was automated
by IVAO (perhaps by corrolating your pirep against their data).

If it's IVAO automation then just submit there. As HC Bones should be able
to pick up the hours from there, that's if they're not forwarded
automatically.  If filing with Bones, I'd file IVAO hours in a sperate
e-mail to distinguish them from hours flown elsewhere so they can be easily
identified and seperated out at Bones end if needed.


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My ISP email service has been down for maintainance, for the last 18 hours,
so I have some catching up to do.

Just checked my IVAO stats.

IVAO pilot/controller hours unchanged, JHB VA hours +2 (Senior Commercial
Captain). My current(350+) JHB hours not added. I still have my records.

It would seem that flying under VA increases those hours, if you fly non VA,

then you increase the IVAO hours, the two would seem not to be added.

Any chance that IVAO would accept existing VA hours, or are we starting

Query, if flying under JHB VA, Bones, do you require us to submit pireps to
you as well as IVAO. No problem there, but would mean you reactivating your
database. Not expecting you to do it on our behalf to IVAO.


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