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  • Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 20:32:55 +0100

Mike Lucas

Thanks for your helpful email Mike.I have printed it out,and will slowly get the hang of things at my very slow pace.
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Hi Ernie

It's not so difficult, and between us all at JHB we'll get you up and running on IVAO. Assuming you are running FS9, you will need the following packages from the IVAO download page -

- the pilot client, IvAp, (ver 1.3.4 if you're on FS9)
- the Multiplayer Traffic Library (MTL) installer (ver 3.0.3 for FS9)
- Teamspeak (TS) voice client (ver

If you haven't already got these installed, I would recommend installing TS first, then IvAp, then MTL.

If you've already got these all installed, it's just a matter of starting FS9 in the usual way, where you should find a new item on the menu bar - IVAO >> Start IvAp. When you select this, you get the IVAO interface - from here you configure your various IVAO details (user ID, password, call sign, etc), create your flight plan, and so on. I suggest that you check you can get this far initially and, when you're ready, come back and ask about connecting to the IVAO servers to go online.

Mike L

Hi Bones,
I have become a member of IVAO but stopped there.The software is where I lose out.At my age it is difficult to learn new stuff.What I need is something like this :-
   1.What is the very first thing I need to do to get on the screen ?
   2.What next ?
   3.And so on !!!
I don't even know how to connect to IVAO !! I don't want to be a nuisance to anyone either.

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