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Hi  Bones,
I have become a member of IVAO but stopped there.The software is  where I 
lose out.At my age it is difficult to learn new stuff.What I need  is 
something like this :-
1.What is the very first thing  I need to do to get on the screen ?
2.What next ?
3.And so on !!!
I don't even know how to connect to IVAO !! I don't  want to be a nuisance to 
anyone  either.

I'm in the process of going through all this, so let me know if I can help.  
What I think you need to do -
(a) Download and install the software, including the Eye of IVAO. The  
supplied instructions are good. When this is done you should see a Teamspeak  
and an Eye icon on your screen, and when you run FS you should see IvAp on  the 
add-ons menu. Note when you install the MTL library use only the  default 
aircraft to start, you can add others later.
(b) Run the Eye of IVAO, you can see what's going on here, very similar to  
Servinfo if you've got that.
(c) Run Teamspeak, go into settings, switch the default microphone input  
from voice activated to push to talk.
At this stage you are ready to go.
(d) Read the manual, its 90 odd pages, but only certain parts are essential  
to start.
(e) When you are ready to connect -
(i) Plan a short VFR flight well away from any activity, somewhere that you  
are familiar with. I use the FS flight planner and print out the route for  
referenc when flying.
(ii) Follow the manual instructions. (I use a one page check list here,  
compiled from the manual)
You can monitor your progress on the Eye, you will see yourself appear once  
you have connected, and your flight plan details once you have entered it.  
During the flight you will see your status changing, and your position on the  
map. (the F9 key updates the Eye)
Useful stuff to remember -
Check you have "3 greens" after you hit the CONN button
Hitting the top RH button twice gets you into the flight plan filing  system, 
chapter 9 of the manual takes you through this, but once you've done one  its 
easy. Once you filed your plan the FP light changes cokour.
Set squawk switch to active (green) when on the active for take-off, and  
back to standby (amber) after leaving the active.
You can press the TCAS button to view other traffic, chapter 19 of the  manual
Tune your radio to Unicom 122.80, you will see messages from other pilots  
appear in the IVAO box.
I've got loads more stuff to explore myself, but I hope this at least gets  
you started. Once you become familiar with it the overall context is  similar 
to that you have already mastered on Pilot's Club, you just have to  learn to 
press different buttons to do the same job.
Final piece of advice. Take your time, and take it in easy stages.
Frank T.


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