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To be honest I didn't know how the pilot software worked until a few minutes
ago. I grabbed the manual for IVAP 1.3 and a quick read shows it is laid out
very well and describes the installation and use of the software quite

What you could do is get the manual from http://www.ivao.aero/training/ and
have a look through it before you go further. Once it starts making sense
install the software and set it up as explained in the book.

When you think everything is ready for a connection test then let us know
and either I can log in at EGNS or maybe another pilot can plonk himself on
the apron. Then you could try connecting and we can take it from there.

The nice thing is that there isn't any rush to do this so you can run
through it at your own pace.


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Hi Bones,
I have become a member of IVAO but stopped there.The software is where I
lose out.At my age it is difficult to learn new stuff.What I need is
something like this :-
    1.What is the very first thing I need to do to get on the screen ?
    2.What next ?
    3.And so on !!!
I don't even know how to connect to IVAO !! I don't want to be a nuisance to

anyone either.

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>I don't hold out much future for PCI. Even if it continues we are in a
>backwater because we can't learn anything by staying there. In truth
>the  declining participation of users in PCI has actually been a
>backward step  for us because we are forgetting a lot we had learned in
>the early days  when  more controllers were around. The knowledge we
>slowly built up has slowly  eroded and we are back to very basic
>sessions with little to tax our  brains.
> I agree that PCI allows us to play around the world but this only
> gives pilots a chance to see some different scenery. Forgetting what
> you see out of the window the ATC we provide is just like anywhere
> else - it's not getting better because there isn't any rules to the
> system to make us strive for improvement.
> Whilst I would like to see a shift to IVAO there are two issues that
> make
> me
> hesitant to enforce a wholesale switch at the moment. The first is that
> many
> pilots have now tested the software and are happy to use the new system -
> but I would like to make sure that everyone pilot is happy with the change
> first. John, Ernie, Phil, Fred and myself still have zero hours on IVAO so
> either guidance and help is required or the software has not yet been
> used.
> Once I know everyone can operate in the IVAO system we can then decide
> what
> the future direction for our sessions may be.
> The second obstacle we face (although obstacle may be too strong a
> word to
> use) is that of building up our knowledge of UK ATC operations again. The
> IVAO ranking system is not just based on hours like JHB but is a
> combination
> of hours and written tests. These are written to see if you understand the
> procedures you are going to encounter with ATC and are progressive - they
> start off easily and become harder as you wish to rise in rank.
> What I haven't yet checked is whether pilots are restricted in any
> operations relative to rank - but controllers are. This is something
> we need to look at carefully before making the decision to relocate
> because it may oblige John, Phil and Frank to knuckle down to some
> learning before they can
> provide anything other than a basic service on IVAO. Controllers start as
> S3
> rated and jump to S2 after so many hours. To rise to S1 requires a written
> exam pass. The next step to Controller 1 (C1) requires 50 hours online
> plus
> a written exam plus a practical exam. The practical requires at least five
> aircraft, involves basic ATC skills, an emergency plus basic knowledge of
> ATC procedures. Some ATC units have FRA restrictions which require a
> certain
> rating before a controller can plug in at that unit - a sensible step to
> ensure that the controller is experienced enough to handle the traffic at
> that unit.
> Before our JHB controllers start to look at this process of promotion
> it would be fair for them to get up to speed again and reacquire the
> knowledge they have lost in recent times through PCI inactivity. I'm
> sure the basics are there but skills have been degraded over time. I
> suggest a short period
> of readjustment as we step into IVAO, with our discussions on this list
> coming back to the early tutorials to reacquaint everyone with the basics.
> From my own experience with IVAO so far I would say that the controllers
> would integrate nicely into the system and each will probably settle at a
> rating of their choice.
> If the system sounds a bit harsh on controllers having to knuckle down
> to make their grades I consider it is fair to apply these rules. The
> whole idea of an online system is for both pilots and controllers to
> have fun. Pilots won't enjoy the experience if they encounter an inept
> controller so rules have to be created to prevent this happening. ATC
> should be good - otherwise
> pilots will get fed up and leave.
> As for JHB I think we have had enough people plug in and use the
> system
> now
> to start the first round of questions. Let's start the ball rolling and
> see
> if we can help those pilots who haven't yet dipped their toes in the
> water.
> As well as questions on software installation and connecting to the system
> could I also ask if any users who have joined in to speak up if they are
> unsure about any IVAO basics?
> bones
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> After last night's short but successful session - and even though some
> of us (and I certainly include myself here) need to familiarise
> ourselves with the IvAp software and brush up our rusty procedures - I
> wonder what is left for our FPI/PCI sessions?  The only plus would
> seem to be the ability of the controllers to plug in wherever they
> want, so we can fly anywhere.  Is this feature sufficient on its own?
> We all know how bad PCI can be with lag when we get a few aircraft in
> fairly close proximity.  Perhaps the time has come to switch our
> Wednesday sessions to IVAO?  I can't help thinking that a couple of
> sessions such as Bones is suggesting, to build confidence with the
> 'new' software and to dust off our ATC procedures, is the way to go.
> With a 'tame' controller at one end, we might consider some
> arrangement to fly out to, and back from, a selection of other fields
> (which could be in active ATC areas or not, according to taste).
> I will certainly try my best to make Tuesday available for this - but
> I would be just as happy to see our Weds sessions move over to IVAO.
> Mike L
> bones wrote:
>> What I would like to do is organise a session at Ronaldsway with as
>> many JHB aircraft as possible. This would test the session nicely and
>> we could see if any problems arise from this. The big question is
>> whether pilots have a spare evening free in addition to Wednesday
>> night so we can run the test. The UK night on IVAO is normally each
>> Tuesday - is anyone free this week for a run?

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