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Wouldn't it be good if online ATC could actually interact with AI? Using
voice recognition software it should be possible.  I know some stand alone
ATC simulators use speech recognition. Not only would it provide a great
teaching aide to ATC but if online services use a standard AI timetable
pilots would be seeing the same.

It's technically feasible now.  Didn't one of the AI traffic programmes add
a tool to FS9 to interact with AI to keep separation on approach?  If it can
be done artificially then programming the voice recognition is only one step


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On line it really isn't difficult to spot one from the other. In FSC 
they are in different colours. Better still, one press of the button and 
AI ceases to appear on FSC.

I recall some of us being quite pleased when an FPI update allowed AI 
and FPI aircraft to co exist.

As to it being a good move for IVAO to unilaterally disable it, I regard 
that in pretty much the same way I do auto installers.

I guess an easy way to test the nuisance value, or otherwise, of AI 
would be to offer ATC the option of telling me when they consider I have 
it in use.....

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:
> Active AI is a nuisance when flying online. It's all very well for a
> seasoned pilot who can tell the difference between AI and online traffic
> some pilots don't. If they start bleating about traffic ATC can't see or
> control - or start taking action to avoid such traffic then it gets
> confusing. 
> FPI disabled AI aircraft, VATSIM probably does and multiplayer used to in
> FS9 (I can't speak for FSX). 
> If you are flying online in a stream of aircraft and one pilot starts
> diverging from ATC instructions to avoid an AI aircraft on his system -
> result being that ATC then have to break you off you approach - you may
> this annoying. I think that turning AI off as default is a good move.
> At least IVAO gives you the option to turn on AI again. By doing so it
> assumes you know the consequences.
> bones
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> We've aired the subject of running AI during on line sessions in the 
> past. Since I hate empty aprons I'm amongst those in favour of AI. As I 
> see it there are only two points against its use. The first is whether 
> it imposes an unacceptable performance hit on the user's system. The 
> second is the theoretical one that its use complicates life for 
> controllers. The second is only valid if the user lets it happen. If I 
> find myself impeded by an AI aircraft, whilst receiving ATC 
> instructions, I either ignore the AI, or switch it off, temporarilly. 
> So, ATC is affected by it only if I do something daft, by letting my 
> actions be influenced by it. Provided I keep to my side of the bargain 
> it's impossible for ATC to know whether I'm using AI or not.
> Now things seem to have changed and we could be moving to Nanny IVAO 
> interference. Although I always have both my AI sliders at 80%, there 
> are times, as I go on line, when I neither see it on the ground, nor in 
> the FSC display. What seems to be happening, with the latest version of 
> IVAP, is that simply firing up IVAP, via the FSX Add-ons menu item, sets 
> both AI sliders to zero. It doesn't have to be connected to the server 
> for this to happen. Once spotted and it's easy enough to re set the 
> sliders and recover the AI. However, have I missed IVAO announcing that 
> they've done this? I haven't seen it and really am not in favour of any 
> third party programme interfering with any of my FSX settings.
> Has anyone else spotted this one?
> Gerry Winskill

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