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Nope - got straight in Fred..


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Is anybody else having a problem with the IVAO home page? I get the page but

no info print. Fred
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> As I said earlier a jet climb is speed driven, not VSI driven. If you
> touch
> the VSI it overrides the speed you dial in as, at higher levels, the
> aircraft cannot maintain both a set speed and climb rate. Leave the VSI
> alone and let the speed determine the climb rate.
> As nobody else has problems with this aircraft I suspect you have
> probably adopted a flying technique that is not correct for the
> aircraft. It may be best to revue your flying procedures against the
> tutorials or lessons as you may be doing something fundamentally wrong
> on the aircraft.
> Jets are far more complex to fly and you need to be aware of how
> systems work, fuel load, weight and balance, trim settings and the
> need for precise speed management. You also have to know the systems
> better and that things like fans (bleed air)  can reduce engine thrust
> quite a bit. Print out the 747 check lists and go through them
> thoroughly on each flight. It's best if
> you know exactly what each item does so you know what impact each has on
> the
> flight.
> bones
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> Have tried a number of trim settings.
> Find that an auto takeoff is the smoothest, but will have some more
> tries, much prefer the manual way to get off the deck.
> Yesterday, got a smooth takeoff, and stepped climb/speed to FL400, and
> it was stable for 10 minutes, I thought, oh joy, I had cracked it.
> Today, tried online,(KJFK-EGLL) and coupled to FSC, got to FL380, took
> my eyes off the screen for a minute, turned back, and there I was,
> heading for a swim. Managed to get it off the water, and away again,
> then passing through FL200, it happened again, I wonder what is
> triggering the failure, it happens too fast to recover before hitting
> the deck. In real life, I would expect to have plenty of time to
> stabalise from FL400.
> And yet I was following the same procedure, easing up the speed as I
> was climbing, even the angle of attack was no higher than 10 degrees
> throughout,
> I was keeping the VSI below 1500 and was dropping it to 1000.
> The rated M0.85 incidently, keeps the throttle full open all the time,
> not good for the fuel calcs.
> I will crack it one day, hopefully not too distant future.
> The A380, comes with the ABACUS FMC, think I will see if I can plumb
> it
> into
> the Boeings, should just be a matter of pointing the config file to
> the
> GAU.
> Frank F
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