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Thanks for that. I didn't want to be more specific because I am unsure how
universally 1200 is recognised. I am presuming 7000 is unique to the UK and
2000 may be limited to Europe, but I haven't fully checked.


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1200 for VFR flight in USA


The above should maybe read '1200 for VFR flight in North America'.  <VBG>


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>I have just fired off an application to add JHB to the IVAO VA list.
> It's a tight call with just the bare minimum 10 active pilots listed
> but
> my
> thanks to Colin Wilding for adding to the numbers. Although 16 pilots have
> registered with IVAO three have been taken off the active list through not
> flying in the last three months and three have zero hours.
> Until the application is approved I suggest we do not use our JHB ID's
> on IVAO and just stick to a registration. I don't honestly know what
> other jet jockeys use for callsigns if not flying for a VA.
> Once we get approval for JHB to work in IVAO we need to collectively
> fly five hours per week. I guess that is under the JHB banner so if
> you log in for a VFR flight and use a registration as your callsign I
> suspect this doesn't count.
> When it comes to filling in the flight plan we'll have to be more
> careful
> in
> IVAO than PCI. If changing from your JHB callsign to a registration (or
> vice
> versa) then remember to change the callsign on the plan. I know this
> doesn't
> happen much on PCI but I'd guess that a controller on IVAO seeing an
> aircraft pop up with a data tag showing JHB738 is not going to be happy if
> the aircraft then calls up using G-BURK or whatever. I know in PCI that
> you
> can only change the callsign before you connect to the system and if it is
> wrong you have to log out. I don't know if the same applies in IVAO.
> I've updated the JHB pages to reflect current changes. The News page
> now
> has
> links to additional Route Packs and the Online pages are revised to show
> information on all three ATC systems. The IVAO page and the Callsigns page
> also have IVAO Status Indicators to show if any JHB pilot is flying
> online,
> if any UK controllers are active and a JHB Active Aircrew listing (subject
> to our being approved).
> One final point. Squawks in IVAO are more critical than in PCI. VFR
> squawks
> like 1200, 2000 and 7000 change the way an aircraft appears on radar as
> does
> selecting standby, Mode C (or On) and Ident. Before you connect to IVAO
> make
> sure you change your transponder to the correct setting. These are:
> 7000 for VFR flight in the UK
> 2000 for VFR flight in Europe
> 1200 for VFR flight in USA
> For an IFR flight make sure than NONE of the above are selected. I
> suggest using 4567 as that is a little used EGNS squawk code and will
> not trigger a VFR flag on radar. This is just for connection because
> you should be given an active squawk to use once you ask for an ATC
> clearance.
> FS defaults to 1200 on start up so make a habit of changing the squawk
> as soon as you get started and run through your COM/NAV checklist. If
> you aren't using a checklist yet I suggest it is fast becoming a good
> idea for online work.
> bones
> bones@xxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net
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