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Sorry Frank - I missed this post first time round..
You can fly any aircraft you want in FS. It can be a JHB repaint or anything
else on your system. Connecting to IVAO sends NO data on your selected
aircraft - it is totally ignorant about what you have chosen to fly.
Likewise you could choose any aircraft for your flight plan but common sense
suggests something with a broadly similar performance to the aircraft you
have licked to fly in. If you jump in a C172 and put a B737 in the flight
plan the controllers would be extremely puzzled by the apparent slow speed
and climb rate!
JHB aircraft repaints are purely for your flying pleasure. An added bonus is
that if you are in a MultiPlayer session and other users have the same files
on their system then they will see you as that aircraft. 
Once you go to online systems like IVAO or VATSIM they are blind to the
aircraft you have selected from your FS menu. The only aircraft data that
goes through the network is the code for the aircraft you pick for the
flight plan. JHB doesn't have any AI aircraft for IVAO yet and so, even if
all JHB pilots sat on an airfield, you would not see the other pilots in
anything but default IVAO AI aircraft.

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OK - different topic and not something I want to discuss right now otherwise
confusion between AI and flyable aircraft will ensue.

Sorry to confuse matters, can you confirm for me -
(a) The pilot of the aircraft needs a flyable version in the appropriate
(b) The rest of the MP session needs an AI version in that livery to view
that aircraft correctly.
Frank T.

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