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I would agree that the MTL library is huge and that is why I'd be reluctant
to add a whole raft more. In fact I don't think I can because the page now
says it is not accepting any further liveries.

I will leave this task for a later date and after we settle into regular
IVAO use. By then a pattern may emerge.


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I am trying to illustrate that on Vatsim or IVAO if all JHB have the same
JHB flyable aircraft, we will all see them correctly but no-one else will.
The MTL library is too big in my view - I'm actually not too bothered what
livery I see outside the group I'm flying with, be it Cix or JHB, except for
special events where it is important such as the Vatsim Sywell Airshow,  but
others may not agree.


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