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OK - different topic and not something I want to discuss right now otherwise
confusion between AI and flyable aircraft will ensue.
At the moment there are 24 aircraft that can be flown in JHB colours and I
think it is a good spread for most operations. Should there be a specific
aircraft that a lot of pilots are likely to use then I may consider adding
to the fleet but I don't want to end up designing repaints for aircraft that
only one pilot will use. 
I may even have a trawl of the existing collection and dump some repaints as
I have a feeling some are possibly FS2002 aircraft. At the moment there are
no FSX aircraft on the list either.

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Explain what you mean by personal liveries. Are these aircraft you fly in FS
or AI traffic? I hope we aren't getting the two confused again.

Er.....they are the ones we fly.
Frank T.

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