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Again I ask whether we are talking about actual aircraft repaints (which
have already been done) or AI repaints to go in the IVAO MTL library.

We already have a good number of aircraft repaints. These are the aircraft
you choose to FLY in FS and what others may see you as in an MP session if
they have the same paint scheme on their PC.

On IVAO or VATSIM the aircraft you fly is immaterial as other users will not
see your aircraft. All they see is the aircraft you have selected in the
flight plan - this is pulled from the VUK or MTL libraries. The selected
library aircraft is of no concern to the actual pilot choosing it - he can't
see it - but this is what other pilots online will see.

If I repaint AI aircraft for the MTL library they will appear in the flight
plan listing in the IVAO flight plan box. On your PC they will show up in
the IVAO AI section. They are not for flying in FS - just AI models limited
to use on IVAO.


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> I accept that painting VFR aircraft in VA colours may not be an
> option but
> it is worth exploring. Maybe I could just go for the BE58 as
> British Midland
> use one in real life for flying the boss around..
Flying the Boss around on one engine? Tut tut!

British Airways Flying Club PA28s are painted in Company colours, as does
the Brittania Flying Club at Liverpool, although amusingly the Thomson
Fly smiley face is a mirror image of the official logo.

My suggestion would be for The Company (JHB) to have a 172 for training
and public sightseeing trips round the Isle of Man (as Raratonga Airlines
do on the Cook Islands - I took a trip, but showed them my PPL and
logbook and was allowed to fly it as PUT. <g>), Fred C's Aztec with your
panel, though I'm not sure it works in FSX (on my list of tings to try!)
for ferrying the Boss about and air taxi work, but other G.A. aircraft
remain as private aircraft belonging to JHB pilots.  This reflects the
real world I think.

Just a thought - I'm sure it would be very easy for one of JHB's aircraft
painters (bones, me - anyone else?) to just add a Diamond logo on the
tailfin of members' favourite GA aircraft and to pool these aircraft so
that members all see the Diamond when they meet up as the other night at
EGNS.  The 2-4-Cix aerobatic team have done this with a full livery job -
/we/ all see the right colours, but no-one else does, which we consider
to be a lesser consideration in terms of visual enjoyment for the team.


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