[jhb_airlines] IVAO AI aircraft

  • From: "bones" <bones@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "JHB Airlines Email List" <jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 19:31:28 +0100

Before we start looking at an AI fleet for JHB on IVAO we will have to think
about the type of aircraft we want to use. It's not a good idea to repaint
loads of FS aircraft as this increases the number of files other IVAO pilots
have to download - something users here have already baulked at.

The other point about AI aircraft is that we should produce a reasonable
balance so that the aircraft types you choose (from the flight plan list)
are of sufficient scope to see regular use. If we paint a C172 I am sure
many pilots will use this aircraft for their flying aircraft in FS. OTOH if
Gerry picks the SR22 for a flight I would assume that this takes priority on
the flight plan over any JHB painted aircraft - it would seem strange to a
controller to see C172 in the plan and a remark saying actual aircraft is an
SR22 because he might ask why the SR22 wasn't selected in the first place.

It would be therefore be better to confine the AI aircraft to a small number
of regularly flown types covering both VFR and IFR operations.

I won't use the PCI fleet as a yardstick because that was crippled by their
lack of paintkits. Although we had a few aircraft in their library I'm
fairly sure a number remained unused - was it really needed to have an full
A318/A319/A320 and A321 set? Likewise the VUK repaints for VATSIM are not
balanced to the aircraft we fly and so I suggest we start afresh in IVAO.

My initial thoughts for regularly flown types are:

Single - C172 or P28A
Twin - BE58 or C421 or PA31
Turboprop - Dash 8 or ATR42/72
Shorthaul Jet - Boeing 737 or A320

To this I would consider further categories:

Exec Turboprop - King Air or Beech 1900 or similar
Exec Jet - Cessna 550 or Challenger or Gulfstream
Feederliner - CRJ2 or EMB145
Medium Haul Jet - A330 or B757
Long Haul Jet - A340 or B747 or B777

Bearing in mind that I would only create aircraft to match the type you fly
in FS the above range of aircraft is currently excessive and so I'd only
upload those I consider essential. What I would like to know is what each
pilot would consider their preferred mount for VFR and IFR flying and we can
work from there.


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