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The top of your CTA at Leeds is FL85 so Centre was quite fair in dropping
inbounds to FL100 and heaving them over to you. It could have been a bit
tidier if you'd co-ordinated a release point beforehand but with so many
aircraft on frequency I'd say that no controller in his position could have
spared the time to jump to texting all the various approach units he had
inbounds for.


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If retaining aircraft right to my zone, should they not be at the required 
altitude for me to take over, 2 of them I had to drop down from FL100, at 
POL, it is 3500ft, the zone is 2900ft, depending on the QNH.

Alistair had to do 3 orbits to get him down, and put him on base.

Frank F
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> Indeed. In real life those aircraft would have passed through at least 
> four
> London sector frequencies with four separate controllers.
> I wouldn't complain about handoffs within 20nm either as London can retain
> control of all aircraft right up to your zone boundary. You have no
> authority at all outside your CTA so if Centre give you an aircraft at POL
> or BALTI he's really doing you a favour - it's his airspace..
> bones
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> "A bit more on the ball". sURELY YOU JEST!
> Bones will know but I doubt a real life controller would have to handle
> that volume single handed? Particularly over more than two hours without
> a break.
> Gerry Winskill
> F FISHER wrote:
>> It was a good night for me too at Leeds.
>> 4 UKV inbounds + a UKV trainer, 2 JHB inbound and one out.
>> Watching that steady stream of traffic out of Dublin for most of the
>> evening was good too. The only crevat I had, was that London was a bit
>> slow in dropping and passing over traffic to me, had to get a couple to
>> do orbits to get them down, to slot into downwind. Handoffs where within
>> 20 miles.
>> Understanderble, with the traffic he was handling. But as the Dublin
>> traffic was crossing just south of Leeds! he should have been a bit more
>> on the ball.
>> I will try to log onto Leeds a bit more often, but with Christmas coming
>> up, and the problems with a distant relative, it is going to be a case
>> of as and when.
>> Frank F


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