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I sat at Rome and watched you come in I nearly fell off my seat laughing when your plans went haywire as he asked you to speed up there was an aircraft coming in very fast

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This afternoon I flew Tegel to Rome Fiumincino. With some trepidation I contacted Rome Control, especially since I could see Tower was also manned.

No problem, since both spoke excellent English and were very professional. Mind, Tower did throw one in to make sure I was awake. Although there was nothing in the display he called me, with 8 miles to touchdown, to say they now had an emergency flight behind me and could I increase speed until short finals. That's when confining myself to the Citation X for most IFR flights pays off. It's relatively simple to glance at my thrust v speed chart for ILS and adjust accordingly. Autothrottle never seems to use enough thrust setting to cope with that sort of demand. That's on any of the jets, not the Citation.

Oddly it does when the setting is in Mach number rather than kias. Weird.

One of the other things I like about the Citation is its excess of takeoff power. It got off from Fairoaks, with just the required fuel for the Tegel flight, at full throttle. On a runway with more than its required length it only needs 75% for takeoff.

Years ago I knew a Lear 35 driver. He reckoned he had to be really quick on takeoff, cleaning it up then pulling back the throttles, to avoid exceeding 250 kias. When I'd just retired I used to keep out of SWMBO's way, in the mornings, by sitting in the spectator area at Manchester. The Lear and HS125 used to take off and climb away almost like fighters!

Gerry Winskill

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