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  • Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 02:24:40 +0100

Mike asked me earlier tonight about JHB not showing up on IVAO Eye. I
thought this would be an automatic process (I had to send a suitable picture
when we joined) but it looks like you have to apply separately via the
forum. I've said before that the danger of forums is that issues are
discussed and approved on them but web pages aren't updated to reflect the
changes and this is a case in point. Anyway, I've put in the request but it
looks like we won't see the airline on the database until November. I've
added the data manually to my IVAe DAT files but it gets removed once you
check for updates from the server.

I have also managed to transfer pilot hours from the IVAO PIREPs to the JHB
pages. Any old pilot reports sent direct to me that were IVAO flights have
been ignored and I'll now take all data from IVAO for online flights. Note
that only approved flights are recorded so any rejected flights will not be
processed. I don't think this is an issue now as I have not had any bad
reports for a while - but I ask pilots to be careful when we go back to GMT
at the end of this month.

I have processed all PIREP's up to ID 150 submitted on 26th Sept. I will add
further reports in batches of 20 as they come in so the time period may vary
depending on pilot activity. Of course any offline flights will still have
to be sent to me directly but I expect most flights to come from IVAO in

John Woodside

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