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Newcomers can be annoying but we all have to learn. ATC are tolerant of new
pilots and, to some extent, pilots must be tolerant of new ATC - up to a
point. If ATC is really bad and the pilots get messed around a lot then
we'll lose them to another system. That's the catch - although IVAO is an
online ATC system doing its best to provide a good service it is entirely
dependent on pilots to make it work. To attract pilots to the system you
need a reasonable degree of discipline and a means of enforcing standards.

I am also being plagued by a newcomer who doesn't seem to know the rules. He
watches out for ground traffic somewhere and then jumps to that airfield,
plugs in as tower and starts forcing all the aircraft onto his frequency -
regardless of whether they are already under ATC. If he had the courtesy to
text APP first and arrange a proper handover I'd be happier but the first I
get is a lot of pilots complaining that someone is demanding they change
frequency. A few minutes later he's gone again and plugged into Tower
somewhere else.

The second problem he has is that he keeps dropping off the IVAO server
every two or three minutes. His explanation is that if he switches programs
(to what I don't know) it disconnects IVAO. For most pilots this would be
unworkable as he drops off TeamSpeak too - and this isn't fair.

I'll have to dig into the docs a bit and find out what the procedure is for
reporting unruly ATC. I don't mind newcomers who are willing to learn but,
for those who become a nuisance to pilots, there should be some means of
pulling them off and asking them to read the rules.


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Well, I'm diverting from EGBB 'cos the tower's empty (<g>  only kidding,
Phil!).  Actually I'm going to EGBE due wx winds.  Just had some d**khead
pop up on EGCC_APP (when I was 1 mile west abeam Tatenhill at 3000' in a
PA28 on a VFR flight) instructing me via text to "sqmode mode Tx" - which I
was doing anyway.  He didn't appear on any voice channels.  There seem to be
a lot of folk on IVAO who are a little too full of themselves.  I ignored
him and he went away, I note that he closed down barely one minute later ...


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> The only place it's nice to go to from is Lagos!
> Gerry Winskill
> Peter Dodds wrote:
> >I just can't sumon up the energy to fly tonight - too many
> late nights
> >lately and a trip to Birmingham tomorrow morning. Not a nice
> place to
> >go from Cheshire.
> >
> >Peter
> >
> >
> >
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