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  • Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 20:44:16 +0100

Mike L -

It's a 5 quid interface that I bought from Misco many years ago.
It's called by the rather grand name of "Media Hub" but all it does
is to simply break into the lead from your sound card to your
speakers and give the option of diverting the pc sound output to a
headset (except when you forget to set the switch ... <g>).  I've
just ploughed through the latest Misco catalogue but can no longer
find it.  Shame really, it has been most useful.  Someone on the
UKScenery List pointed me towards it millenia ago.


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> Mike
> I don't recognise the piece of sound system kit illustrated - 
> can you elucidate, please?  Something extra?  (MikeB and 
> Bones will understand this, the rest of you can ignore it ....)
> Mike L
> Mike Brook wrote:
> > Regarding Teamspeak, Mike L and bones will understand this, 
> the rest 
> > of you had better ignore it!
> >  
> > http://mikeandclaire.co.uk/JHB/buttons.htm

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