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That makes sense.
John was talking of becoming resident at Bristol; Frank at Gloucestershire?

Where are you going Phil?

I only ask because we can keep an eye on Servinfo, to provide friendly fire.

Gerry Winskill

bones wrote:

I'll stay at EGNS. It will take me a little while to get used to the IVAO
interface and to the slight variations to real world rules. To be honest I'm
no longer enthralled at the idea of learning the books for weeks just to
open up at a different airport.


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I agree with that. It also seems more likely to attract non JHB flyers
to the strips manned by JHB's ATC types. The PCI sessions are FSX
excluding and that fact alone must freeze them in time.

Have controllers now decided at which fields the intend to set up camp?

Gerry Winskill

Mike Lucas wrote:

After last night's short but successful session - and even though some
of us (and I certainly include myself here) need to familiarise
ourselves with the IvAp software and brush up our rusty procedures - I
wonder what is left for our FPI/PCI sessions?  The only plus would
seem to be the ability of the controllers to plug in wherever they
want, so we can fly anywhere.  Is this feature sufficient on its own?
We all know how bad PCI can be with lag when we get a few aircraft in
fairly close proximity.  Perhaps the time has come to switch our
Wednesday sessions to IVAO?  I can't help thinking that a couple of
sessions such as Bones is suggesting, to build confidence with the
'new' software and to dust off our ATC procedures, is the way to go.
With a 'tame' controller at one end, we might consider some
arrangement to fly out to, and back from, a selection of other fields
(which could be in active ATC areas or not, according to taste).

I will certainly try my best to make Tuesday available for this - but
I would be just as happy to see our Weds sessions move over to IVAO.

Mike L

bones wrote:

What I would like to do is organise a session at Ronaldsway with as
many JHB
aircraft as possible. This would test the session nicely and we could
see if
any problems arise from this. The big question is whether pilots have a
spare evening free in addition to Wednesday night so we can run the
The UK night on IVAO is normally each Tuesday - is anyone free this
week for
a run?

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