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Regarding Teamspeak, Mike L and bones will understand this, the rest
of you had better ignore it!


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2000 sounds good although I may try and plug in a bit earlier.
If we all stick to the Isle of Man we could avoid having to
co-ordinate with other controllers and test for lag and frequency
loading. I'd be happy with circuit traffic or you could fly around
the island and maybe land at Jurby or Andreas if your scenery has
these (FS9 users only). The basic aim is to have a bit of fun, see
if aircraft see each other correctly - both as visual models and in
the right location (no lag) - and give some users a chance to plug
in for a test if they've not used IVAO yet.

I've been on IVAO a few times and never spoken to a soul! I guess I
need to test my Teamspeak.
Frank T.

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